THis week at OUR

Outdoor Service


    Heart of Worship | Matt Redman


    I'm coming back to the heart of worship

    And it's all about You,

    It's all about You, Jesus

    I'm sorry, Lord, for the thing I've made it

    When it's all about You,

    It's all about You, Jesus

    I Love You Lord | Hillsong Young & Free


    I love You, Lord

    And I lift my voice

    To worship You

    Oh, my soul, rejoice

    Take joy my King

    In what You hear

    And let it be a sweet, sweet sound

    In Your ear

    Champion | Bethel Music

    Verse 1

    I've tried so hard to see it

    Took me so long to believe it

    That You'd choose someone like me

    To carry Your victory

    Verse 2

    Perfection could never earn it

    You give what we don't deserve and

    You take the broken things

    And raise them to glory


    You are my champion

    Giants fall when You stand


    Every battle You've won

    I am who You say I am

    You crown me with confidence

    I am seated

    In the Heavenly place


    With the One who has conquered it all

    Verse 3

    Now I can finally see it

    You're teaching me how to receive it

    So let all the striving cease, oh

    This is my victory

    Every Victory | The Belonging Co. 


    Every victory is yours

    Every victory is yours

    You rose, you reign

    Death is buried in the grave

    Hell could not defy your name

    You rose, you reign

    Nothing But the Blood | Robert Lowry


    What can wash away my sin

    Nothing but the blood of Jesus

    What can make me whole again

    Nothing but the blood of Jesus


    Oh precious is the flow

    That makes me white as snow

    No other fount I know

    Nothing but the blood of Jesus

    Grace to Grace | Hillsong Worship


    When I see that cross I see freedom

    When I see that grave I'll see Jesus

    And from death to life I will sing Your praise

    In the wonder of Your grace

    How my soul will sing Your praise

    In the wonder of Your grace

    How my soul will sing Your praise

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  • HAITI 2021

    A team is forming now that will partner with Connect2 Ministries in Haiti to assist their dynamic ministry to orphan and slave children and expand the network of church planting and local outreach. Our team will be involved in both ministering to children and a construction project. The dates for this team are October 15-23, 2021. Please use the links below to view all the trip details and apply.



  • CHildren's Ministry

    We are excited to announce that Children's Ministry is back in person for both of our Outdoor Services in May (May 2nd and May 16th at 10am). Classrooms will be open indoors for kids ages birth through 5th grade. We have taken all of the necessary precautions to keep your children safe. All volunteers and all children in Kindergarten and up will be required to wear a mask. Please email Pastor Lauren if you have any questions at


    Connect with your church family throughout the week in a Community Group. Most groups are now meeting outdoors for in-person socially distanced gatherings. This will be a time for engaging discussion, prayer and caring for each other. To participate, CLICK HERE for a list of names and emails of all the leaders and let them know you want to check it out. They will let you know when and where the group is meeting next and what to expect.


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