THis week at OUR

Outdoor Service


    Egypt - Bethel Music

    Verse 1

    I won’t forget

    The wonder of how You brought


    The exodus of my heart


    Pre Chorus

    You found me

    You freed me

    Held back the waters for my release

    Oh Yahweh



    You’re the God who fights for me

    Lord of every victory

    Hallelujah, hallelujah

    You have torn apart the sea

    You have led me through the deep

    Hallelujah, hallelujah


    Verse 2

    A cloud by day

    A sign that You are with me

    The fire by night

    A guiding light to my feet



    You stepped into my Egypt

    You took me by the hand

    You marched me out in freedom

    Into the promised land

    Now I will not forget You

    I’ll sing of all You’ve done

    Death is swallowed up forever

    By the fury of Your love

    The Anthem - Planetshakers


    Hallelujah, You have won the victory

    Hallelujah, You have won it all for me

    Death could not hold You down, You are the risen King

    Seated in majesty, You are the risen King

    Fullness - Elevation Worship

    Verse 1

    Fullness of eternal promise

    Stirring in Your sons and daughters

    Earth revealing heaven's wonders

    Spirit come, Spirit come

    Verse 2

    What You spoke is now unfolding

    All Your children shall behold it

    Dreams awaken in this moment

    Spirit come, Spirit come


    Pour it out, let Your love run over

    Here and now, let Your glory fill this house

    Verse 3

    Now the world awaits Your presence

    And this power is within us

    We will rise to be Your image

    Spirit come, Spirit come


    Tongues of fire, testifying of the Son

    One desire, Spirit come, Spirit come

    Speak revival, prophesy like it is done

    One desire, Spirit come, Spirit come

    Verse 4

    Let our hearts continue burning

    For our King is soon returning

    As we hold to this assurance

    Spirit come, Spirit come

    Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) - Hillsong UNITED

    Verse 1

    Hold me now

    In the hands that created the heavens

    Find me now

    Where the grace runs as deep as Your scars


    You pulled me from the clay

    You set me on a rock

    You called me by Your Name

    And made my heart whole again

    Verse 2

    Lifted up

    And my knees know it's all for Your glory

    That I might stand

    With more reasons to sing than to fear


    So here I stand, high in surrender

    I need You now

    Hold my heart now and forever

    My soul cries out

    Chorus 2

    Once I was broken

    But You loved my whole heart through

    Sin has no hold on me

    'Cause Your grace holds me now

    Verse 3

    And that grace

    Owns the ground where the grave did

    Where all my shame remains

    Left for dead in Your wake

    Verse 4

    You crashed those age-old gates

    You left no stone unturned

    You stepped out of that grave

    And shouldered me all the way


    Healed and forgiven

    Look where my chains are now

    Death has no hold on me

    'Cause Your grace holds that ground


    And Your grace holds me now

    Your grace holds me now

    Your grace holds me now

    Your grace holds me now

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