P U R P o S E

Prayer builds the foundation for us to accomplish our dream of reaching and discipling the 100K5B people to connect them to Jesus so they can experience life. See how you can participate in the different aspects of prayer to partner together to see God’s will be done in Simi Valley as it is in heaven. 

P r a y e r   W a l k i n g

Prayer walking is a simple way to pray for your neighbors and the needs of the community as you walk, pray, and engage with people. Follow the link below to watch a brief video on how to prayer walk.


P R A Y I N G    &   F A S T I N G

Following the pattern of prayer and fasting set by Jesus, we commit to pray and fast (go without foodl) one meal a week and one day on the first Tuesday of the month to pray for the world around us. Follow the link below to download the prayer guide.

Prayer Focus

P R A Y E R   U P D A T E

The Antioch Montly Prayer Update provides information and resources to better help us pray for the world as we strive to connect people to Jesus to experience life. Click here to sign up today!